All restaurants and bars in mountain locations are getting ready for their high season: winter. In addition to the products and services, their greatest attraction are the wonderful views from their terraces.

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Leasing to make profit from your terrace all year round with Tubbo

  Facing an investment to improve the premises is not always easy for a hotel, bar or restaurants business. Even when the numbers ensure an increase of the amount invested, as is the case of covering the terrace with Tubbo to be able to obtain revenue the whole year, not only during the summer months.

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End of summer: end of business for the terrace?

  Summer is over. The terraces have been the support of restaurants, bars and cafes and the preference of customers, delighted to enjoy their drinks outdoors during the last months. Cold and rain return, and with them, the closing of most terraces in streets, gardens, rooftops and other open spaces.

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Tubbo: comfort and safety for cruise passengers

Tubbo, besides creating leisure spaces, is an optimal solution as a transit gallery between buildings and means of transport so that people can move between them in a safe and comfortable environment. A good example is the access to the large luxury cruise ships in each port where they board from the passenger terminal. The … Read More

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If we could open the terrace every day…

In Europe, with a lot of luck, terraces usually open from mid-May until the end of September, therefore bars and restaurants only have 1/3 of the year to take advantage of the income the business receives from the terrace, and profit from the investment of the installations.

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